The Less It Feels Like Lent, the More It Feels Like Lent

When one observes certain annual traditions long enough, you begin to develop layers to your expectations for them. If you’re used to an annual vacation to the same location every year, for instance, there is the macro level of anticipation for the trip overall. The dates are circled on your calendar, you make lists ofContinue reading “The Less It Feels Like Lent, the More It Feels Like Lent”

Coffeehouse Contemplative Book Excerpt: Propane Altars

Below is an excerpt from my book, Coffeehouse Contemplative: Spiritual Direction for the Everyday. Brother Lawrence was a Carmelite monk who lived in Paris in the seventeenth century. He is not really known for any grand speeches, writings, or miracles, but instead something much more subtle: he wrote a brief classic work called The Practice ofContinue reading “Coffeehouse Contemplative Book Excerpt: Propane Altars”

My Ebooks Are 50% Off This Week

Did you know that “Read an Ebook Week” is a thing? I didn’t, until the other week when Smashwords sent me an email. Apparently, that’s this week. I’m doing my part to celebrate by making my ebooks 50% off! No Perfect Time: Brief Essays on Life and Faith is a collection of short reflections aboutContinue reading “My Ebooks Are 50% Off This Week”