This Is How Long It’s Taking

Burnout can have many elements to it. There may be no singular cause, but several that combine in just the right, awful way. Every person and case of burnout is different, but I think that one common cause that shows up often is a felt need to control our time. (I just talked about thisContinue reading “This Is How Long It’s Taking”

The Needs of Bi-Vocational Ministry

Jan Edmiston recently wrote a blog post about bi-vocational ministry, which has really resonated with me and many colleagues. For those unfamiliar, bi-vocational (or multi-vocational) ministry is where a person pastoring a church is less than full-time, and works one or more non-church job in addition to their ministry responsibilities. Jan’s post is speaking toContinue reading “The Needs of Bi-Vocational Ministry”

Her Fists Clenched

Many of my woman clergy colleagues have stories about church members commenting on their appearance, or work/family balance, or even expressed desire to be in a relationship. Many women in other professions have their own stories as well. The Supreme Court appears set to overturn a major ruling that grants women private autonomy over theirContinue reading “Her Fists Clenched”