Material Measurement

This past Saturday, I helped with a black belt test at my dojo. This is a day-long series of challenges that culminates in receiving this special rank. The moment the belt is placed around the waist is incredibly emotional–it’s the official signification of a long journey’s completion. It took me a while in my ownContinue reading “Material Measurement”

Make Everybody Be Twins

For people who consider themselves creatives, it’s quite rare that good ideas fall out of the heavens full cloth, uninterrupted by lesser iterations in between. In reality, one may come up with a snippet, a wisp, a hint of something that may one day lead to something great. But that will include an entire processContinue reading “Make Everybody Be Twins”

Prayer in Motion Book Excerpt: Creativity as Prayer

Below is an excerpt from my book Prayer in Motion: Connecting with God in Fidgety Times. In his book The Music Lesson, accomplished bassist Victor Wooten explains his approach to music in a series of imagined conversations with a mysterious man named Michael. Michael is a mystical figure who guides Wooten in looking at the spiritContinue reading “Prayer in Motion Book Excerpt: Creativity as Prayer”