Yes, Your Church Needs an Interim Minister

Various church traditions have different ways of handling pastoral transitions. Some have an appointment system, where denominational leaders tell clergy where to go in the event of a vacancy or because it’s otherwise time to make a move. Others have a succession system, where an internal candidate is trained for the position while the currentContinue reading “Yes, Your Church Needs an Interim Minister”

This Horse Is Very Much Dead, But Let’s Keep Beating It Anyway

It happened again. It didn’t surprise me, honestly. I was scrolling social media the other day and came across someone insisting that residential seminary education forms people for ministry much more effectively than hybrid or online programs. On the one hand, I understand this. These opinions always seem to come from clergy who had deeplyContinue reading “This Horse Is Very Much Dead, But Let’s Keep Beating It Anyway”

Second Week of Advent: Intention

Previously: Options When I was a pastor, it was easy for me to feel close to God. I was immersed in the work of the church: administration, budgets, coordinating and planning activities, sitting in on meetings. I was a CEO in practice in many ways, and for me it varied between drudgery and fulfillment. ButContinue reading “Second Week of Advent: Intention”