A Prayer in the Garden

based on John 20:1-18 Faithful God, we confess we don’t know what’s happened. We’ve heard the news from women and angels alike, but there’s so much we still don’t understand. We’re wondering how it’s possible, and about what it means. Our sense of the world has been turned upside down, and it may be aContinue reading “A Prayer in the Garden”

A Prayer in the Wilderness

based on Matthew 4:1-11 Faithful God, at the beginning of this 40-day journey of introspection, we’re prepared to face our central temptations. When we are tempted to abuse our privilege, may we instead be humble. When we are tempted to exploit your name for prestige, may we instead heed our call to service. When weContinue reading “A Prayer in the Wilderness”

A Prayer with a Basket

based on Deuteronomy 26:1-11 Faithful God, this is a week to express words of thanks. And so, here are some words of thanks. Here are words of thanks for all that we consider blessings: love, health, safety, support, food on our tables, warmth, and so much more. Here are words of thanks for the waysContinue reading “A Prayer with a Basket”