A Prayer with a Basket

based on Deuteronomy 26:1-11 Faithful God, this is a week to express words of thanks. And so, here are some words of thanks. Here are words of thanks for all that we consider blessings: love, health, safety, support, food on our tables, warmth, and so much more. Here are words of thanks for the waysContinue reading “A Prayer with a Basket”

Advent Candle Liturgies

Several years ago, I wrote these liturgies for lighting the candles around the Advent wreath. If you are searching for words to use either in a worship setting or for your own devotional time, I am happy to offer these for consideration. Lighting the First Candle: Hope Call to Worship Lift up your eyes andContinue reading “Advent Candle Liturgies”

A Prayer from the Potter’s House

based on Jeremiah 18:1-11 Faithful God, as the seasons change and we pick up routines made dormant by the summer sun, we are mindful of our need for remaining centered. So many transitions this time of year demand our energy, and we know ourselves well enough to recognize how easily we could be overwhelmed byContinue reading “A Prayer from the Potter’s House”