A Prayer from the Roadside

based on Luke 10:25-37 Faithful God, who is my neighbor? I hope and pray that the answer takes my personal comfort into account. The ones who look, act, think, believe, and love just like me are easy to befriend. They are already on my pre-approved list of people to whom I’d offer support with littleContinue reading “A Prayer from the Roadside”

A Prayer at the Crossroads

based on Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 Faithful God, what comes next? Here we stand, our backpack filled with questions. We could bring them out one by one or dump them in the dust under the stoplight, where they’ll be intermittently lit by a lone blinking red bulb. They’ll be questions related to health, or relationships, orContinue reading “A Prayer at the Crossroads”