Laughing Was Holy

I once told a story during a sermon about a little boy sitting in a sanctuary pew on a Sunday morning. He kept turning around in his seat and smiling at the people behind him. Eventually the boy’s mother leaned over and made him face the front, saying “Stop smiling, you’re in church!” There’s aContinue reading “Laughing Was Holy”

A Prayer from the Potter’s House

based on Jeremiah 18:1-11 Faithful God, as the seasons change and we pick up routines made dormant by the summer sun, we are mindful of our need for remaining centered. So many transitions this time of year demand our energy, and we know ourselves well enough to recognize how easily we could be overwhelmed byContinue reading “A Prayer from the Potter’s House”

This Is How Long It’s Taking

Burnout can have many elements to it. There may be no singular cause, but several that combine in just the right, awful way. Every person and case of burnout is different, but I think that one common cause that shows up often is a felt need to control our time. (I just talked about thisContinue reading “This Is How Long It’s Taking”