Christmas Week: Manger

Previously: Options, Intention, Prepare My hometown church has a tradition in which they choose a family who has celebrated a birth within the past year and tap them to play Mary, Joseph, and Jesus during their Christmas Eve service. They don’t need to do much other than throw on some costumes and walk out atContinue reading “Christmas Week: Manger”

Third Week of Advent: Prepare

Previously: Options, Intention This year I’ve been thinking about Advent since July. It’s the first time in a few years that I’ve done this. When I was a pastor, I’d say mid- to late summer was usually when I’d begin planning for it, if only in very small amounts. August or September would be whenContinue reading “Third Week of Advent: Prepare”

Second Week of Advent: Intention

Previously: Options When I was a pastor, it was easy for me to feel close to God. I was immersed in the work of the church: administration, budgets, coordinating and planning activities, sitting in on meetings. I was a CEO in practice in many ways, and for me it varied between drudgery and fulfillment. ButContinue reading “Second Week of Advent: Intention”