Cause a Commotion

This past Sunday was Pentecost Sunday, the day when Christians remember the story in Acts 2 of the Holy Spirit whooshing around the disciples and causing them to speak in different languages so that everyone there can understand them. It’s a story of confusion and chaos as much as it is one of newfound empowermentContinue reading “Cause a Commotion”

This Horse Is Very Much Dead, But Let’s Keep Beating It Anyway

It happened again. It didn’t surprise me, honestly. I was scrolling social media the other day and came across someone insisting that residential seminary education forms people for ministry much more effectively than hybrid or online programs. On the one hand, I understand this. These opinions always seem to come from clergy who had deeplyContinue reading “This Horse Is Very Much Dead, But Let’s Keep Beating It Anyway”

In the Library

My earliest library memories are from when I was in early elementary school and our town’s library was on the same block. I was able to walk or bike there from my house. The first library books that I tended to check out were stories about fantastic creatures (including, I can recall, a book aboutContinue reading “In the Library”