Your Pastor Is Not a Scapegoat

One of my favorite sayings in ministry is, “this is not about that.” That is, whatever the presenting issue is (a complaint about a tablecloth shortage for an upcoming dinner, for instance), is really about something else that won’t be as apparent (worries over finances that have resulted in no tablecloths). People decide it isContinue reading “Your Pastor Is Not a Scapegoat”

This Horse Is Very Much Dead, But Let’s Keep Beating It Anyway

It happened again. It didn’t surprise me, honestly. I was scrolling social media the other day and came across someone insisting that residential seminary education forms people for ministry much more effectively than hybrid or online programs. On the one hand, I understand this. These opinions always seem to come from clergy who had deeplyContinue reading “This Horse Is Very Much Dead, But Let’s Keep Beating It Anyway”

A Dance of Misery

I tested positive for COVID last week. Another family member had it, and I was the next lucky recipient. Other than feeling like I had a bad head cold, I’ve been doing okay. That my symptoms have been so relatively mild is a benefit of having been vaccinated and boosted. I shudder to think ofContinue reading “A Dance of Misery”