Wonder and Whiskey Book Excerpt: Brand vs. Ethics

In honor of the band releasing a new album this month, below is an excerpt from Wonder and Whiskey: Insights on Faith from the Music of Dave Matthews Band. During a 1999 appearance on VH1 Storytellers, during which artists would not only play songs but also talk about the inspiration and meaning behind them, Matthews included “Christmas Song” in hisContinue reading “Wonder and Whiskey Book Excerpt: Brand vs. Ethics”

The Right Religion

Author and speaker Tony Campolo tells the story about a woman who travels to a prison to sing gospel music. At one point in between songs, she talks about getting a crack in her windshield on the drive there. She says she pulled over, got out of the car, laid her hands on the crack,Continue reading “The Right Religion”

Laughing Was Holy

I once told a story during a sermon about a little boy sitting in a sanctuary pew on a Sunday morning. He kept turning around in his seat and smiling at the people behind him. Eventually the boy’s mother leaned over and made him face the front, saying “Stop smiling, you’re in church!” There’s aContinue reading “Laughing Was Holy”