Cause a Commotion

This past Sunday was Pentecost Sunday, the day when Christians remember the story in Acts 2 of the Holy Spirit whooshing around the disciples and causing them to speak in different languages so that everyone there can understand them. It’s a story of confusion and chaos as much as it is one of newfound empowermentContinue reading “Cause a Commotion”

Material Measurement

This past Saturday, I helped with a black belt test at my dojo. This is a day-long series of challenges that culminates in receiving this special rank. The moment the belt is placed around the waist is incredibly emotional–it’s the official signification of a long journey’s completion. It took me a while in my ownContinue reading “Material Measurement”

The Right Religion

Author and speaker Tony Campolo tells the story about a woman who travels to a prison to sing gospel music. At one point in between songs, she talks about getting a crack in her windshield on the drive there. She says she pulled over, got out of the car, laid her hands on the crack,Continue reading “The Right Religion”