Mental Chemists

I have a deep love of books. I love reading them, making lists of them to read, taking notes from them (and sometimes in them), and chewing on the ideas that I’ve read. Every time we take in new information from a book, we mix them with what we already know. Sometimes the result isContinue reading “Mental Chemists”

History Was Accessible

Some of the reactions and comments that I saw from white people on Juneteenth were predictable, and yet still depressing and angering. Some wondered why this was scheduled the same day as Father’s Day: “Why couldn’t this be another day instead?” Others called it a “made up holiday,” as if this was a brand newContinue reading “History Was Accessible”

Her Fists Clenched

Many of my woman clergy colleagues have stories about church members commenting on their appearance, or work/family balance, or even expressed desire to be in a relationship. Many women in other professions have their own stories as well. The Supreme Court appears set to overturn a major ruling that grants women private autonomy over theirContinue reading “Her Fists Clenched”