A Gimmicky Rhyme Scheme for Pursuing a State of Flow

My word for the year is Flow, based on the work and writing of psychologist Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi. His book on Flow has been foundational to this effort: finding a center is key to his proposed concept of flow, as one seeks an ideal state between anxiety and boredom where we meet the moment with confidenceContinue reading “A Gimmicky Rhyme Scheme for Pursuing a State of Flow”

Competition vs. Co-Creation

In his Fearless Strategies newsletter, career coach Lucian James tells a story of when he was in a sparring session with a fellow martial artist. He describes his own reticence to go too hard during the session for fear of hurting his partner, and his opponent picked up on this. Shortly after, James received aContinue reading “Competition vs. Co-Creation”