If It Hurts, Stop Doing It

Turning 43 has taught me a variety of lessons. Back when I was in college–a season fading further and further away into my rearview mirror–my religion professor advised one of my classes never to turn 43, because that’s the age when one gets bifocals. I am happy to report that I have thus far avoidedContinue reading “If It Hurts, Stop Doing It”

This Is How Long It’s Taking

Burnout can have many elements to it. There may be no singular cause, but several that combine in just the right, awful way. Every person and case of burnout is different, but I think that one common cause that shows up often is a felt need to control our time. (I just talked about thisContinue reading “This Is How Long It’s Taking”

I Created a Cage and I Can’t Get Out of It

This post’s title comes from something I recently heard my son say while playing video games. He’s often connected to a few friends as he plays, and keeps up a running conversation about what they’re doing. I don’t know what game he was playing or the circumstances that led to it, but he voiced whateverContinue reading “I Created a Cage and I Can’t Get Out of It”