Five Ways to Battle Writer’s Block

Whether I’m working on a book, a blog post, a sermon, or an article for work, writer’s block is inevitable: I sit down to write something, staring at a blank page, and feeling like there’s nothing. No ideas, no energy, nothing. It happens to every writer. For some it’s a near-constant affliction. Others have comeContinue reading “Five Ways to Battle Writer’s Block”

Five Tips for Being a Writer

It took me a long time to realize and accept I’m a writer. I thought that I needed to contribute an article for a notable magazine or website or sign a book contract to consider myself one, and even though I’ve managed to do some of that, it’s not a requirement. I’m pleased that someContinue reading “Five Tips for Being a Writer”

A Gimmicky Rhyme Scheme for Pursuing a State of Flow

My word for the year is Flow, based on the work and writing of psychologist Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi. His book on Flow has been foundational to this effort: finding a center is key to his proposed concept of flow, as one seeks an ideal state between anxiety and boredom where we meet the moment with confidenceContinue reading “A Gimmicky Rhyme Scheme for Pursuing a State of Flow”