One Word 2023: Heal

This is my 10th (!) year of choosing a word to live by for the entire year in lieu of making traditional New Year’s resolutions. It’s based on the One Word 365 project, which apparently is on hiatus. But choosing a word doesn’t need to be dependent on a single website, so I press onContinue reading “One Word 2023: Heal”

Flow: A Mid-Year Check-in

For close to a decade, I’ve been observing the practice of choosing a word by which to live for the new year. This is inspired by One Word 365, and I have found it a preferable alternative to making resolutions. Most years that I’ve done this, I have experienced positive results: it has added greaterContinue reading “Flow: A Mid-Year Check-in”

Competition vs. Co-Creation

In his Fearless Strategies newsletter, career coach Lucian James tells a story of when he was in a sparring session with a fellow martial artist. He describes his own reticence to go too hard during the session for fear of hurting his partner, and his opponent picked up on this. Shortly after, James received aContinue reading “Competition vs. Co-Creation”