What Do You Want to Heal From?

I choose Heal as my word for 2023. I want to focus on returning to a sense of physical, mental, and spiritual balance and wholeness this year. The other week I shared a list I made of 10 specific practices that I think will help me fulfill my goals for this word. However, after IContinue reading “What Do You Want to Heal From?”

10 Ways to Pursue Healing

As I wrote the other week, I chose Heal as my word for 2023. My goal is to frame what I do this year in terms of how it may bring healing to my body, mind, and spirit. I mainly contrast this to framing them in terms of obligation or guilt, since those things helpedContinue reading “10 Ways to Pursue Healing”

Flow: A Mid-Year Check-in

For close to a decade, I’ve been observing the practice of choosing a word by which to live for the new year. This is inspired by One Word 365, and I have found it a preferable alternative to making resolutions. Most years that I’ve done this, I have experienced positive results: it has added greaterContinue reading “Flow: A Mid-Year Check-in”