History Was Accessible

Some of the reactions and comments that I saw from white people on Juneteenth were predictable, and yet still depressing and angering. Some wondered why this was scheduled the same day as Father’s Day: “Why couldn’t this be another day instead?” Others called it a “made up holiday,” as if this was a brand newContinue reading “History Was Accessible”

I Created a Cage and I Can’t Get Out of It

This post’s title comes from something I recently heard my son say while playing video games. He’s often connected to a few friends as he plays, and keeps up a running conversation about what they’re doing. I don’t know what game he was playing or the circumstances that led to it, but he voiced whateverContinue reading “I Created a Cage and I Can’t Get Out of It”

A Dance of Misery

I tested positive for COVID last week. Another family member had it, and I was the next lucky recipient. Other than feeling like I had a bad head cold, I’ve been doing okay. That my symptoms have been so relatively mild is a benefit of having been vaccinated and boosted. I shudder to think ofContinue reading “A Dance of Misery”