A Prayer with a Basket

based on Deuteronomy 26:1-11

Faithful God, this is a week to express words of thanks. And so, here are some words of thanks.

Here are words of thanks for all that we consider blessings: love, health, safety, support, food on our tables, warmth, and so much more.

Here are words of thanks for the ways in which you are present in our lives: guiding, pushing, challenging, comforting, and calling.

Here are words of thanks for our own gifts and talents, and for opportunities to use them for the benefit of others, for the improvement of this world you love, and for our own growth.

We share these thankful words out of sincere gratitude.

O God, may we be mindful of other words this week: words that remind us of where we’ve been, of times when we have not been so fortunate, of moments when we were much more dependent on you and on others because our own devices weren’t enough to carry us through.

May we not only remember, but also offer a portion of what we’ve been given back to you through giving to others, so that all may have what they need.

And may all these words be with us the rest of the year as well.


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