What Do You Want to Heal From?

I choose Heal as my word for 2023. I want to focus on returning to a sense of physical, mental, and spiritual balance and wholeness this year.

The other week I shared a list I made of 10 specific practices that I think will help me fulfill my goals for this word.

However, after I posted, it occurred to me that I hadn’t shared any specific needs for healing that inspired this word. I shared the method to address it but not the cause; the remedies but not the ailment.

And so, as before, I made another list in my journal. These are the top 10 things I’d say I’d like to focus on healing:

This is a pretty lofty set of issues, and I’m under no illusion any of them will be 100% resolved by the end of the year, let alone the end of my life. But there are ways to at least move closer to a healthier sense of self even as they continue to be present.

My earlier list can help with the items here in numerous ways. For instance:

  • Meditation can help address anxiety and my sense of “should”
  • Intentionally being around others can help with my tendency to self-isolate and my reluctance to accept others’ love
  • Martial arts and writing can both be outlets for resolving past drama, in very different ways
  • All the stuff I listed regarding healthier choices that can improve my physical health will help with my nagging shoulder issues

This is a small sampling of the ways I see the two lists interacting. There are likely many ways I haven’t thought about or realized yet. Making those discoveries over time is part of the journey.

What are you seeking to heal from this year and beyond?

As before, here’s a handy template you can save to make your own list:

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