Mental Chemists

I have a deep love of books. I love reading them, making lists of them to read, taking notes from them (and sometimes in them), and chewing on the ideas that I’ve read.

Every time we take in new information from a book, we mix them with what we already know. Sometimes the result is volatile as something we long thought was true is challenged. Sometimes the two mix easily and our understanding of a subject is deepened. And sometimes we take what we knew and what we’ve just learned to create something new and exciting.

When we read, we become mental chemists, as these various elements interact. We won’t know what will result until it happens.

Every time I write a book, I hope that I’ve contributed something worthwhile to the reader’s mental mix. It’s gratifying to hear when I have.

What book will you add to your mind’s chemicals next?

One thought on “Mental Chemists

  1. I think about this too. It’s not just books. Every time I read a blog post, I store bits and pieces of it in my mind, knowledge that I might use in the future. And that, in turn, might affect other readers, who will then go ahead and continue the chain. Interesting food for thought, really. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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