Fall Reading 2022

The summer months are winding down, and with that comes the need for a new list of books.

I enjoyed most of the books on my summer list, but now I need to figure out what I intend to read to close out the year.

Here’s what I’m planning:

  • Wayward by Chuck Wendig
  • Sellout: The Major-Label Feeding Frenzy That Swept Punk, Emo, and Hardcore by Dan Ozzi
  • The Season of Almost: A 4 Week Advent Devotional by Kate Bowler
  • Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto by Tricia Hersey
  • The Pyjama Game: A Journey into Judo by Mark Law
  • The Sentence by Louise Erdrich
  • Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation by Kristin Kobes Du Mez

What are you planning to read before 2022 comes to a close?

I have some suggestions if you need them.

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